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When you ask me to help you buy or sell your home, the first thing I want to do is really listen to what you have to say. So, this would be needing to know as much as possible about who you are and what your needs are.

However, once it is done, people are often amazed at how little they have to do, in order to sell or buy their new home!

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How to Stage Your Home

Staging is a very important factor in selling your house. Just like what buyers do when they do shopping, they are evaluating the worth of your house based on what they see. A well-organized and clean house can increase the perceived market price of it while a cluttered, unappealing house tends to drive prospects away. As the person selling your own house, here are some tips to help you outfit your house better.

Here are the latest trends in home staging:

1. Neutral Colors

Paint the walls in the living room with fresh neutral color. This instantly makes the room livelier and newer. If you are not a professional house painter, hire someone who knows how to do it well. Neutral colors nowadays have more choices, not just the regular beige color. Re-apply varnish or wood conditioner to furniture. The shine and the smooth texture of the furniture are always appealing.

2. Darker Colors Are Important As Well…

Use darker color on other parts of the house. As top Brentwood Los Angeles real estate agent, Arlene Rutenberg, notes deep shades of colors on the walls can make a bedroom cozy and intimate. If you don’t like to paint all the walls with darker tones, select a part where you like the attention to be drawn at. For smaller things like bookcases or plant holders, experiment with color combination to make the inside color more conspicuous, like a light green to highlight the white pottery displayed within.

3. Accessorizing Trilogy

When it comes to accessorizing, three is the number to remember. Vary the arrangement of the displays. Say, instead of lining up three decorations in a row, arrange them in a triangular pattern. Scaling is also important.  Vary the height and length of the accessories, with the smallest in front and the biggest at the back.

4. Freshen It Up!

Put some fresh flowers or live plants inside the house. Fresh sprigs of holly look amazing during winter days while homey flower arrangement is always inviting for any guest.

These simple steps can dramatically increase the saleability of your house.  They are also a do-it-yourself process (aside from the complex wall painting) so it stashes only a few bucks from your pocket.


How a Real Estate Valuation Expert Can Help You Acquire the Best Property Deals

It is really easy to defer from the term “real estate valuation” that its purpose is to get an appraisal or develop an opinion regarding a property’s value whether fair or market price. The reason why real estate transactions need periodic appraisals happens to be due to the fact that every property is unique and their occurrence is infrequent.

The reports got from these appraisals then go on to form the basis around which taxes, mortgage loans etc are calculated. Most times the report gotten from the real estate valuation is used to declare the selling price of a property.



Different countries have different regulations guiding the operation of these real estate valuation experts. A majority of the countries like the United States for example mandate that the values of real estate have or License or Certificate to operate. Often times, when the real estate valuation expert forms an opinion on the value of a property using the market value as a basis, it is most likely influenced by the best use of the real estate.

When it comes to real estate valuation, the term “first impressions count” is the right term for it as the first look of the property can influence a valuation. A property that has a semblance of being rundown and neglected would most likely give the impression of not being well maintained and can, therefore, bring down the actual property value.

It is important that alongside waiting for the report from a real estate valuation expert, it would be wise to accompany the expert so as to get first-hand comments of the impression of the property. The importance of a real estate valuation expert cannot be undermined as they provide value to both the buyers and sellers involved in the real estate transaction, therefore, their benefit can be viewed from two points of view. Some of them are:



  • For a seller of a property, having the real estate valuation expert undergo a walkthrough of the property is a way to determine the reaction of future buyers. This means that the real estate valuation expert can also be viewed as the test subject before actually sourcing for clients to purchase the property.
  • For the seller of a property, the report given by the real estate valuation expert can either help in putting paid to the beliefs that the property is actually worth the price being sought for and no adjustments need to be made or it can serve as a guide towards attaining the amount being sought for. It is important to note that everything on the property and within its vicinity has a significant effect on the valuation so the valuation figure is essentially that expert’s educated judgment supported by market evidence, so leaving a good impression can make a big difference.
  • For the buyer, being interested in a property does not mean caution has to be thrown to the wind and squander money to purchase it. Most times, for buyers, the decision to buy a property is always influenced by feelings and the actual state of things is ignored. Having a real estate valuation expert examine the property makes the difference between paying more than a property is worth or getting a good deal.