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As an experienced real estate agent with over thirty years in the field, I can generally do more than most other agents operating solo.

Having raised my own family in this city, I have first-hand knowledge of all the schools, medical practices and other facilities, that you will be basing your house move on.

When you ask me to help you buy or sell your home, the first thing I want to do is really listen to what you have to say. So, this would be needing to know as much as possible about who you are and what your needs are.

However, once it is done, people are often amazed at how little they have to do, in order to sell or buy their new home!

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Tips in Selling Your Luxury Home

There is so much at stake when selling a luxury property.  This is the reason why as a seller, you want to get things right. You know that your investment is worth millions of dollars so you want to enter a deal where you can get a better value for your house. 

There is a very small market for luxury homes in Calabasas. If you want to attract the right buyer, read on and follow these tips: 

Know your clients 

When you are marketing a luxurious property, you need to gauge the financial capacity of your prospects. Your marketing campaign is not intended for a wide audience but it only needs to appeal to a certain audience. Focus on getting the attention of high-end client’s so that you can avoid wasting time and energy on other people who are not qualified to buy your house. 

Know your house 

What do you know about your house? What are its selling points compared to other luxury properties? Aside from the physical building, what makes it special? How close is it to the city? What are the nearest school, church, restaurants?  Are they just at a walking distance? You must be an expert on your own property. List down the things that make your house stand-out from the rest. If the house is old, its rich history can fascinate the buyer. Emphasize the special features as a powerful convincing tool. 

Price it right 

It is understandable that as a seller, you want to get the most out of a sale. But sometimes, the sentimental value of the house makes you think that it is more than its real worth.  The truth is your client doesn’t care about your personal attachment to the house. When pricing your house, you really need to set aside your emotion. If you price it too high, it will stay in the listing for a long time; if low, you will not get even your ROI after the sale. 

Proper timing  

Another good selling point for luxury homes is the beautiful landscape that surrounds it. Luxury homes in Calabasas, for instance, are so enchanting to look at because most of them are surrounded by lush vegetation. When the weather is fine, more buyers can arrange a schedule for property viewing. This means that selling your home in unfavorable weather is a bad idea as most buyers cannot come for property viewing or if they do, they will not be totally impressed with what they will see.    

Things to Know About Realtor

Buying a property can be a stressful experience, especially if you are dealing with a tight deadline. There so many things to do and documents to prepare. If you are a novice buyer, the experience can be very taxing which can discourage you from purchasing your “dream house”. If this is your case, you need to stop worrying.  

A realtor can assist you in finding the house that fits your descriptions. He is an expert in looking for houses for many of his previous clients so he can do the same to you. He knows where to start searching. He has developed connections with many other people in the real estates which make house hunting even easier. He is knowledgeable about the neighborhood where the property is located so you are assured that the property you are about to buy is safe and peaceful. 

A realtor can also help you qualify for a mortgage. He knows which bank lends money with better terms. He can assist you to straighten out your credit history and help explain why you are still paying another loan if you have any. Once your mortgage is approved, your real estate agent will assist you in conducting house inspection, make an offer, and then close the sale. 

Knowing the importance of having a realtor by your side, you might be wondering how you can get the perfect man to do the job. First, ask for referrals from your friends. Your friends can refer real estate agents whom they have worked for before. It is given that they will only give you names of the agents who gave them quality service. Another effective way to search for realtors is through the internet.  

There are so many websites which feature brokerage companies and their top agents working for specific areas. You can click on the profile of each agent to learn more about them. Then, you can contact them through the information provided in their profile. Schedule an interview with 3-5 agents who you think can help you buy a house. 

During the interview, ask questions relating to their experiences, the challenges they faced and how they were able to resolve them.  It is also important if you will ask them for a list of references from their employers and their past clients. What other people say about them demonstrates their work ethics and their competencies for the job. 

Looking for the right realtor is never easy. But once you selected the best fit, it makes the whole buying experience less stressful for you.